MisterI is in EARLY ALPHA stage. A number of key features are missing and will be added soon : label editor, better support of volumic renderer, saving images, etc...

MisterI is still very useful in its current state. The auto-update feature is fully functional (hopefully ;) ) and updates will be automatically received as soon as they are available.

Last Version: 0.3.0
Release notes

All version:

Version 0.3.0 64bits (Universal Executable, >= Mavericks 10.9)
Linux CentOS/Redhat/Fedora (Compiled with CentOS 7)
Version 0.3.0 64bits (tar.gz Package)
Linux Ubuntu/Debian (Compiled with Ubuntu 14.04LTS)
Version 0.3.0 64bits (tar.gz Package)

(Please tell me if a package doesn't work on your machine - benoitscherrer at gmail dot com)


You may read the installation instructions.

Known Bugs

(c) Benoit Scherrer, 2013